Addressing Root Causes

Reform. Refine. Rebuild.

Whether this is your first-time exploring treatment for your emotional health, or you have been looking for answers for years with no resolution, together we can explore new possibilities for your recovery.

Here are some of the conditions we can address:

The Approach

Integrative and Functional medicine is not a one size fits all approach. Every person is unique, both genetically and biochemically, and treating the whole individual rather than just a set of symptoms, harnessing the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Functional medicine practitioners work with the patient to address the underlying cause of the disease in order to promote optimum well-being.

*Mendem IFP Services are not covered by insurance. All services are paid in full at the time of booking a session.
Contact our office to see if you qualify for Mendem IFP.*

Together we will review your presenting conditions, personal history, present, and historical contributing factors, family history, and review treatment failures and successes. During this visit, there may be recommendations for initial diagnostics that are relevant to your condition, and necessary for treatment planning.

I don’t believe in guessing what could be contributing to your current state of distress. By discovering various biomarkers, we can detect areas of deficiency and take a direct approach in treatment and treat the issues causing your symptoms.

Your treatment plan may involve prescription medication, nutrition, botanicals, supplements, detoxification, exercise, and mindfulness practice.

In some cases, I do prescribe prescription medications as part of a patient’s treatment. I will educate you about your medications and how they may interact with your current lifestyle. I leave decisions about taking any of my treatment recommendations up to you and your doctor. It is important that my patient feel empowered to take control of their health care.

I believe your success can be better supported by utilizing a measurement based-care system. Patients can have better outcomes when they have a visual tool that produces trends in their progress. This is another supportive tool to communicate your progress, good or bad, with me when you are not in session. It is another way to identify contributing factors that can improve or hinder your recovery. During your onboarding period, you will get the link to get started with MBC.

Finding the underlying problems that are causing your symptoms will help in the short term, but the goal is to get my patients truly healthy so they live a long healthy life.