We believe care should be high quality, accessible, and affordable. Along with being an in-network provider with most major commercial plans, we accept Maryland Medicaid. 

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Our services are designed to take a patient-centered approach to your mental health care. By increasing access and transforming care, we aim to reduce barriers to accessing care customized to meet the needs of those we serve.


All services are provided via secure, HIPAA-compliant audiovisual technology. We are focused on the care of adolescent girls and women who struggle with symptoms related to anxiety, depression, disordered eating, trauma, and perinatal and postnatal anxiety and mood disorders (PMAD).

Evaluation and Management

All patients receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and customized treatment plans. Your evaluation will include a structured interview, patient- reported outcome measures, a review of collateral data, and treatment planning. Treatment can include the use of medication management, referral to therapy, or other outpatient services. For those interested in a more advanced approach, lifestyle, integrative, and functional psychiatry options are available upon request. More advanced approaches do require a financial investment in your health.

Measurement-Based Care

Measuring your outcomes throughout the treatment process allows you and the provider to measure your treatment outcomes. This tool assesses symptoms related to anxiety, depression, sleep behaviors, and more. Based on your response to the rating scales, you and your provider will adjust your treatment plan. This tool is accessible via your smart devices and free to use.