Nutrition Support


As a part of a healthy lifestyle, working with a nutrition specialist can help you develop habits that can support your journey. We can provide education on way to include certain nutrients into your diet to enhance your micronutrient status. For more long in-depth support, we encourage our patients to follow up with a registered […]


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Talk therapy is a great tool to support with your emotional needs.  Therapy can help you build the skills to help you overcome life’s challenges. We have several resources for patients to select from a directory of therapists that can help you on your journey.  Refer to RESOURCES for more information.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

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Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx) can be used as a tool to give you and your provider a better understanding into how your genetics reacts to drugs. This understanding can help in your provider offer medications therapies that are better matched for you. What is Pharmacogenetics? Costs and Fees

Specialty Labs

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In some cases, specialty labs may be offered as a part of the assessment process to determining underlying causes to your symptoms. Some of the labs can be obtained at Lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics. We do use specialty labs for certain test which are not covered by insurance. You and your provider will discuss […]

Medication and Supplement Management

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Prescription Medication For some conditions, prescriptions medications can be beneficial. Your provider will the necessary recommendation and help you determine which treatment will suit your condition. You will be provided education on medication use, side effects, adverse effects, and off-label use. By consenting to treatment, you are also consenting to the provider’s use of the […]

Virtual Visits

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At Mendem, we believe in increasing access to quality mental health care. We use HIPAA-compliant video technology that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Our technology even allows for virtual meetings to be held with multiple parties at different locations.

Comprehensive Assessments

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During your first visit, we will review your presenting conditions, personal history, present, and historical contributing factors, family history, and review treatment failures and successes. During this visit, there may be recommendations for initial diagnostics that are relevant to your condition and necessary for treatment planning.