Meal Plans

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Although we promote whole food plant-based eating, we believe in meeting everyone where they are in their health and wellness journey. You can jumpstart your journey today with one of our meal plans that our consulting Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and culinary professionals have curated. These plans are a great way to explore plant-based eating and […]

Integrative and Functional Psychiatry (IFP)

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With the advancement in medicine, we can go beyond just the conventional approach of just prescribing medication. Through advanced testing, the root cause of many conditions can be determined and corrected. IFP goes beyond a conventional approach and focuses on restoring your overall health. Treatment can include the use of micronutrient supplementation, stabilizing the gut […]

Lifestyle Psychiatry

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Mendem Health applies the foundations of lifestyle medicine to your care. Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based, whole-person approach to treatment. The foundation of our practice revolves around optimizing the six pillars of lifestyle medicine developed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. One or more of the pillars will be addressed during every visit and […]


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Our services are designed to take a patient-centered approach to your mental health care. By increasing access and transforming care, we aim to reduce barriers to accessing care customized to meet the needs of those we serve. Telepsychiatry All services are provided via secure, HIPAA-compliant audiovisual technology. We are focused on the care of adolescent […]