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Online help for maternal mental health. depression. eating disorders. anxiety & more.
Get expert, personalized care designed with only you in mind.

Online help for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, maternal mental health, and more.  Get expert, personalized care designed with only you in mind.  

Our approach is to meet you where you are in your healing process to get you the help you need. We are committed to helping women of various ages overcome barriers to accessing mental health care. 

We accept insurance
and self-pay options.

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Conditions we treat at Mendem Health

On the day of your session, you and your provider will develop your personalized treatment plan.

Anxiety disorders icon

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder should always be treated in order to avoid worsening of symptoms or related disorders, such as depression.

Depression icon


Whether you experience chronic and severe depression or periodic episodes, your provider will help you better understand your condition.

Stress management icon

Stress Management

It is normal to experience occasional stress from time to time, but frequent or even chronic stress can have long-term implications.

Eating disorders icon

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are often driven by conditions that are becoming more prevalent than ever - due to social media and upbringing.

Sleep issues icon

Sleep Issues

Some people suffer from sleep disorders that either prevent them from getting a normal, restful night’s sleep or otherwise cause them to sleep unintentionally.

Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders icon

Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Your body and emotions can undergo drastic changes during and following pregnancy. Our practice can help address your symptoms and help you get better.

"Mone’t takes the time to listen to me about the issues that I’m facing and will answer any questions that I have...."
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"Mone't is great! She listens, explains everything, and encourages therapy along with medication."
"I left our meeting feeling like I had an ally ready to fight this cycle of depression and anxiety with me..."
"She actually wants to help me which I have never have experienced before. Thank you so much!"
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The Mendem Health Approach

We specialize in patient-centered lifestyle psychiatry that is culturally competent, evidence-based, and trauma-informed. We provide a space where your voice is heard, validated, and valued. By focusing on a lifestyle approach, I can help you feel your best and restore your sense of peace, control, and hope.

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Ready to get started?

Mendem Health takes a patient-centered approach to customized behavioral healthcare.

Step One

Complete the New Patient prescreen. Once your appointment request has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions to register your patient portal access.

Step Two

Self-schedule your initial appointment. Digitally sign your consent forms, and complete your initial intake forms.

Step Three

On the day of your appointment, you will meet with your provider via secure, HIPAA-compliant audiovisual technology.

Nurse Practitioner Mone't

Meet Nurse Practitioner Mone't

Mone’t Ince-Amara is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who utilizes integrative and functional approaches in the treatment of mental health conditions. She is passionate about improving patient outcomes related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders.

Mone’t has also been an advocate for raising awareness and understanding of how trauma can have a long-term impact on the mental and physical health of women and children. She believes that integrative and functional medicine is changing the paradigm in how patients can recover from various mental health conditions.

Meet Nurse Practitioner Mone't

“Hi. My name is Nurse Practitioner Mone’t. I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. More importantly, I am committed to providing mental health care for adolescent girls and women in a collaborative environment that honors the uniqueness of each person.”

Women’s mental health is a serious issue. Millions of women suffer in silence, often for years. Women don’t seek help because they’re unaware, ashamed, or feel isolated. We need to open the door, create support and awareness and end the stigma so women can heal with dignity.

“Health is not a destination but a journey. I am here to help you along that path. It’s time to take care of you!”

Explore our frequently asked questions

Our personalized approach can offer you the benefits to help you choose the journey that is best for you.

Mendem Health specializes in the care of adolescent girls and women up to age 59. We treat conditions such as, ADHD, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, PTSD, and maternal mental health.

Our provider does not specialize in the care of the aging brain. It is important that these individuals seek care with providers who are trained in the care of this age group and above. Also, our office does not accept Medicare patients. If a patient ages out, they will have to restart care with another provider which can cause interruption in care. 

Mendem Health provides all services 100% via a secure HIPAA-compliant audio-visual technology. We provide services for adolescent girls and women who reside in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Mendem Health providers are trained to complete comprehensive mental health evaluations, diagnose mental health conditions, and develop personalized treatment plans specific to your individual needs.

Mendem Health providers do not prescribe any controlled substances (ex. stimulants, benzodiazepines, or sedatives/hypnotics) for patients who reside in DC

In some cases, our provider will accept male patients who have been referred to our practice related to treatment for PTSD related to sexual or domestic violence. This referral will come from the prospective patient’s primary care doctor, therapist, SANE group, or community or advocacy association.

Our provider is paneled with most major insurance companies, including Maryland Medicaid. Our office also accepts self-pay patients. we accept all major credit cards for payment. All payments are made via a secure patient portal. Please contact our office regarding any specific financial questions. We encourage all patients to follow up with their insurance plan to ensure telemedicine services are covered.

All patients can access their medical records via their secure patient portal. Through your patient portal you can send your records to your designated provider for FREE. Medical records requests that require submission outside of the patient portal will incur an administrative fee.

All patients are required to schedule timely follow up appointments to avoid interruptions in medication management. Prescription refill appointments can be scheduled in your patient portal. In cases where you are not able to schedule an appointment, a bridge of 14 days of medication will be prescribed and you will be charged a $25 convenience fee.

Important Announcement

Effective July 27th, 2023 we are now using Tebra as our new patient portal. Please message us for details if you have any questions about getting set up.